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> Highlights from the costume collection of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
> A feast for the eyes for those interested in history, period costumes and fashion

This richly illustrated book presents 80 exceptional garments from the Rijksmuseum’s substantial costume collection, the oldest in the Netherlands. From the clothes of the Frisian branch of the Orange dynasty in the Dutch Golden Age, through dresses of colorful French silk and glittering velvet men’s suits from the 18th century to the classic empire of the Fin de Siècle to the 20th century haute couture by Dior and Yves Saint Laurent.

This selection highlights the international character of Dutch fashion throughout the centuries, while simultaneously illustrating the developments that took place within the country itself.

Edited by Bianca du Mortier, Costume Curator at the Rijksmuseum, experts in the field of costume and fashion, tell the stories of the costumes and the people that wore them.

With many details of fabrics and by focusing on different materials and techniques, this book provides a source of information and inspiration.

ISBN 978-94-6208-339-4 | 1. edition | December 2016 | available | Bianca du Mortier, met bijdragen van Mieke Albers, Sara van Dijk, Maaike Geenevasen, Carola Holz, Marjolein Koek, Aline Letrange, Art Néss Proano Gaibor, Suzan Meijer, Frederique van Reij, Eveline Sint Nicolaas, Harm Stevens, Birthe Weijkamp | design: Irma Boom | English | paperback | 20 x 25 cm | 336 pages | illustrated (375 full color) | in conjunction with: Rijksmuseum

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