out now: nai010 Fall Catalogue!

nai010 proudly presents its 2016 fall catalogue

On the threshold of the international theme year ‘100 Years of De Stijl’, nai010 brings a number of publications that celebrate the heritage of this movement and, above all, show its relevance and inspirational value to the world of today. Guide to De Stijl in the Netherlands presents 100 must-see places to meet up with the movement – from museum collections and the Rietveld-Schröder House to rare stained glass by Bart van der Leck. The optimistic, creative utopianism that characterizes De Stijl is also reflected by the work of Constant – who worked with Rietveld – as is demonstrated by Constant. Space + Colour. And in Maison d’artiste, a variety of specialists look to reconstruct the legendary design for an artist’s dwelling by Theo van Doesburg and Cornelis van Eesteren.

We find a similar indestructible faith in the strength of design in The NAi Effect. Sergio Figueiredo is in search of the significance of the architecture museum – in this case, of the Netherlands Architecture Institute. That same faith inspired the book Rebuild by Design by Henk Ovink, who at the invitation of President Obama brought Dutch ideas about water management to the programme established after Hurricane Sandy to reinforce large parts of the American northeast coast against the effects of climate change. OASE has been a platform for debate and reflection for more than a quarter of a century. OASE 97 Action and Reaction focuses on the debate itself by analysing historical and current discussions to expose the essence of the architectural discourse: the opposition of views.

Collaborations with the Cobra Museum, Huis Marseille and the Frans Hals Museum have resulted in new and surprising art publications. From Dutch Old Masters from Budapest, art critical reflections on photography and video art, and an intimate glimpse of the work process of Femmy Otten, to magical photographic images of distant shores in Shores Like You. This Nai010 offer is optimistic, critical and utopian.

Eelco van Welie director

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