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Architecture events

For over 30 years, Architecture in the Netherlands has provided an indispensable overview of Dutch architecture for everyone with a professional or more general interest in the subject. Join us for the book launch and other interesting book nights!



7 May - 20:00 - Pakhuis de Zwijger Under Pressure

Join the Yearbooks' editors for the book launch of the 32nd edition of Architecture in the Netherlands Yearbook 2018/19. With contributions by Timo de Rijk, architects Gert Kwekkeboom, Evelyne Merkx and Liesbeth van der Pol. This event will be Dutch spoken. 

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16 May - 20:00 - Het Nieuwe Instituut Beyond the Cover

Beyond the Cover approaches buildings as materialisation of a set of regulations, investments, and policies, making visible the political, economical and social relations constructed architecture embodies. Starting from a single building that flaunted on the cover of the Architecture in the Netherlands yearbooks between 1990 and 2000, the series explores how the shifts experienced in this era—including the deregulation and privatisation of the housing market—have directly shaped the conditions of contemporary practice of architecture. The first iteration, together with invited guests Frits van Dongen, Mariet Schoenmakers will use housing block The Whale as lens to explore what happened to housing in the Netherlands, unpacking how the backstories of the 1990s still resonate beyond the covers today.

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6 June - 20:00 - POST podium Rotterdam Architecture Month

Rotterdam Late Night is on every first Thursday of the month, a true highlight of the city’s cultural program. This edition is all about architecture! Host and writer Ernest van der Kwast receives colorful guests. Also, there is live music, a mini lecture on architecture, an agenda and an ode to a special Rotterdam architect.

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