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Best Dutch Book Designs Art & Project and Klaas Gubbels

Each year, The Best Dutch Book Designs Foundation celebrates the best of graphic design within the field. A total of 33 books that stand out strongly in their design, commissioning, lithography, printing and binding are selected by an independent jury. This year, nai010 publications Art & Project and Klaas Gubbels have been selected.

Art & Project

Art & Project. Een geschiedenis delves into the rich history and profound influence of Amsterdam's Art & Project gallery, coinciding with an exhibition at the Kröller-Müller Museum. Exploring the gallery's exhibitions, bulletins, its vibrant social circle, and its impact on the national and international art scene, this book offers a multifaceted perspective. Haller Brun, the Amsterdam-based design studio helmed by Sonja Haller and Pascal Brun, lends its unique touch to the book's design. Having earned their stripes in Switzerland, the duo brought their talents to the Netherlands in 2011, specializing in art, design, and architecture, with a distinct flair for editorial design. Haller Brun's work seamlessly blends Swiss precision and typographic finesse with the Dutch penchant for directness and playfulness.

Klaas Gubbels

The Dutch artist's iconic coffee pots, chairs, tables, bottles, and chessboards are instantly recognizable. Gubbels has been carving out a significant niche in Dutch visual arts since the early 1950s. This lavishly illustrated edition, designed by Irma Boom, offers a comprehensive exploration of Gubbels' diverse body of work. Featuring insightful texts by Sara Berkeljon, Dirk Jan Postel, Cherry Duyns, Niña Weijers, and Benjamin Herman, Klaas Gubbels. The Difference of the Same serves as the definitive overview of Gubbels' oeuvre.