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Building with a Positive Footprint

On Thursday April 6th, the Nieuwe Instituut invites Vincent van der Meulen to talk about the necessity and practice of radical sustainable building.

Is the world better off with your building? 'No' is the answer in 99.9% of the cases. Almost every building pollutes the air, water, soil and damages biodiversity. What if we turn that around and focus on contributing positively? Start purifying air, water and soil, create biodiversity, generate more energy than we use? Then we heal the world with our buildings.

Radical sustainable

Vincent van der Meulen, architect and partner at Kraaijvanger Architects, wrote the book Bouwen met een Positieve Footprint. Based on his experiences, driven by his desire to radically accelerate the sustainability of the construction industry, he shares a method that each client, user, architect and construction professional with an ambition for sustainability can use.


During this lecture, Vincent provides a number of practical tips and tools which you can directly implement within your own project. The architect is presented with critical questions during a Q&A with invited guests. There is also room for you to present your own case to Vincent or ask any questions. If you already have a topic or question in mind which you would like to discuss with Vincent, you can send him an e-mail via

After the lecture and Q&A, there will be drinks in Het Nieuwe Café, where insights and inspirations can be discussed amongst guests and audience members.

More information at the Nieuwe Instituut website