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Dutch Design Week nai010 events

Join us at the Dutch Design Week this year! Programme now online, get your tickets! Several exhibitions, book launches & talks | Dutch Design Week Eindhoven | more information

Design Book Talk - 19 October 15:00, Dutch Design Week - GET YOUR TICKET

In recent years, Dutch Design has sharply diverged from its previous course. A generation of designers trained in and shaped by the crisis years chose new values and starting points. The focus is now on inquisitive and collaborative makers who strive for social relevance and, if possible, impact.

Well-known design writer Jeroen Junte is the first to describe a new stage in the development of the widely acclaimed Dutch Design, by way of 197 surprising, innovative, astonishing projects and products.

Book Launch - 20 October 15:00, Dutch Design Week - GET YOUR TICKET
Culture of Creation is the first comprehensive monograph devoted to international renowned designer Satyendra Pakhalé. 

Pakhalé stands at the crossroads of the diverse currents shaping contemporary design. His design work is an act of unity going beyond any binary such as high and low tech, industrial production and traditional crafts, functionality and poetic significance, blurring boundaries of time and place. Twelve essays by leading design thinkers illustrate the world view and intellectual position.

Book Launch 23 October, Boekhandel Van Piere 20:00, Dutch Design Week - GET YOUR TICKET
Eindhoven, the city of light and design, has experienced a stormy development and is now the centre of a ‘brainport’ focused on innovation, design and tech that ranks among the finest in the world.

This handy-sized and up-to-date Eindhoven architecture guide zooms in on the city’s highlights: its newest high-profile buildings, illustrious icons and hidden gems.

This book is available in Dutch and English