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Dutch Design Week at Minitopia

Visit the locations of Minitopia during the Dutch Design Week! 

Under the name Minitiopia, Rezone realises residential locations where there is room for detached (self-built) homes with a small footprint, loosely placed in a landscape garden. This results in sustainable forms of living that are compact, flexible, ready-made or modular. Minitopia shows that living can be done differently: cheaper, more flexible, more sustainable and with a unique visual language.

The water management of an area is very decisive for how you live. The sewage and water systems have been DIY installed at Minitopia locations, so that they can be adapted to the site and the flexible and circular way of living. At Minitopia 's-Hertogenbosch, for example, only one water connection has been installed, which is branched over the site by drainage pipes in the mounds. The residents do not have separate regular meters. The rainwater sewer is homemade and converted to the wastewater sewer.

Minitopia location Buurtschap Te Veld in Eindhoven is currently under construction. There is room for a hundred quirky, small forms of living. The neighborhood builds on the existing green environment and adds many trees. The houses are made of mostly natural materials and are located in the middle of the landscape: large 'gardens' that you share with the rest of the neighborhood.

More info about the Dutch Design Week.


The Book

In 2020, the book Minitopia. Ruimte voor je woonwens (The freedom to realise your own housing wish) was published. The book is a pioneering publication about radically new forms of living that go off the beaten track. It offers plenty of inspiring ideas for building a sustainable future in living and is a must have for artists, professionals, designers and others interested in sustainable living. 

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