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Claudy Jongstra - video

October 2017 nai010 publishers released the artist's book Claudy Jongstra.

This artist’s book is the result of a unique collaboration between Claudy Jongstra and internationally acclaimed book designer Irma Boom. The book follows the holistic process of her work, from the earth and plants and the farming of the dye crops to the harvesting, the making of the dyes using historic, often forgotten recipes, the dyeing of the fabrics including wool from her own heath of Drenthe sheep, to the process of carding, spinning, weaving, felting, all the way to the construction of the work and the installation on site.

Claudy Jongstra’s distinctive approach involves an inquiry into ancient dye crops and natural pigments from which her intense nuances of colors are crafted. From these colors, the printing colors for the book have been selected in collaboration with the printer, using biodegradable inks to create a unique color scheme that transforms the images in the book. The separate inks have been made visible throughout the book, ‘decomposing’ the images to reveal the way Claudy’s colors interact to create a unique visual experience.

Irma Boom with Claudy designed the book to reflect this working method and articulate the making process by visualizing the making of the book as well: by indicating the printing colors on the edge of the paper, by not cutting the paper to highlight the way the sheets had been folded after printing, and not ‘hiding’ the interior pages in a hard cover, instead protecting/revealing the book in a transparent wrapping with a silkscreened image of wool on the front.


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To give this book the attention is deserves, a video was made to emphasize the special materials and the extraordinairy making process. Beautiful images, made by Kortom Video are accompanied by the voices of Irma Boom and the artist Claudy Jongstra herself. Have a look!

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