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Launch Building Urban Nature

On Monday February 5th, we are presenting Building Urban Nature at Pakhuis de Zwijger.

RSVP (Dutch Program)

In the upcoming years, a lot of houses have to be built to solve the housing shortage in our cities. In all the planning and building that is ahead, climate and biodiversity issues require new innovative methods. After all, a future-proof and healthy living environment should include nature. This can only be achieved by giving flora and fauna a leading role during the first steps of designing. 

The previously published book Making Urban Nature is an inspiring guide about increasing nature in the city, but focused mainly on public space and ecological infrastructure at different urban scale levels. Soon fellow architects asked the authors: 'Nice and inspirational, this book of yours, but it says so little about buildings and architecture. What can I do as an architect?' So now, five years after this publication, which has been reprinted several times, comes the sequel: Building Urban Nature.

About the book
The city is not only the habitat of people, but also of plants and animals. Building Urban Nature is a plea for nature-inclusive, bioreceptive architecture that inspires designers to give nature a place in their work.

Through the presentation of realized projects, the book shows how the values of nature can be incorporated into our buildings. It discusses the conditions under which flora and fauna settle on and around our buildings, and the design methods, strategies and techniques that can help them to do so.

Linking ecological theory with building practice, it helps designers, architects and ecologists to make architecture nature-inclusive.