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Dutch Dikes

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For the first time, the Dutch dikes have been fully mapped out

> Dutch Dikes won the DAM Architectural Book Award 2015
> ‘A must for everyone: a feast for the eye, the head and the heart’ - Henk Ovink
> Wood Pencil D & AD Awards 2015>

Dutch Dikes offers a complete overview of the Netherlands’ most important invention: the dike. Because what would the Netherlands be without these feats of engineering? One thing is certain: it would not exist in its current form. For more than 2,000 years, dikes have kept the land dry. What once began with mounds and culverts is now a network of more than 22,500 km of dikes, dams and dike relics. Dikes are the framework of the Dutch landscape and hold an important role in daily life: the Dutch live in dike houses along the Waalbandijk, spend weekends cycling along the winding Westfriese Omringdijk and visit the monument on the Afsluitdijk.

Subsidence and changing climate greatly influence the Dutch delta and the dike system. This is why building, reinforcing and maintaining the networks of dikes is a never-ending task. Dutch Dikes presents an overview of the dikes in their current state, as well as offers a look towards the future. Based on the first map of dikes in the Netherlands, the dikes are characterised, explained and categorised in all their diversity. From drift dikes to summer dikes, from sea dikes to waterline dikes, and from dreamer dikes to guardian dikes: all forms of dikes are brought together in a unique, systematic genealogy. In addition, the book features a surplus of dike anecdotes and in-depth portrayals of 40 of the 100 most remarkable Dutch dikes.

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ISBN 978-94-6208-151-2 | 1. edition | December 2014 | sold out | Eric-Jan Pleijster, Cees van der Veeken (LOLA Landscape Architects)With contributions by Tracy Metz (John Adams Institute,NRC Handelsblad), Eric Luiten (Government Advisor on Landscape and Water), Steffen Nijhuis (TU Delft), Hans Renes (University of Utrecht), and Henk Ovink (Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force), and a foreword by Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen | design: Koehorst in 't Veld | English | hardcover | 24,3 x 32,4 cm | 344 pages | illustrated (900 color and b/w) | in conjunction with: the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, Deltares, the Flood Protection Programme, and TU Delfts Department of Landscape Architecture | with support from: Creative Industries Fund NL


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