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Cycle Infrastructure

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From bicycle highway to parking tower

Inspiring international design projects for the bicycle
Indispensable instrument for anyone involved in spatial design for the bicycle

Cycling is experiencing a worldwide revival. It is a sustainable, affordable and above all trendy alternative to the car and public transport. Experiments in new cycling facilities are underway everywhere. Cycle Infrastructure includes international examples, interviews with the makers of prominent cycling routes and a glimpse at future innovations.
The possibilities that cycling offers for the spatial quality and the liveability of cities are enormous, but have not been fully exploited. Cycle Infrastructure is an inspiring handbook for anyone interested in the development, design and promotion of high-quality cycling routes. The goal is to activate the full potential of cycling for the (urban) landscape and to consider cycling infrastructure as an integral design challenge instead of purely an issue of traffi c engineering.
Stefan Bendiks and Aglaée Degros are the founders of Artgineering, a practice for research and design on the boundary between urban planning and infrastructure.

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ISBN 978-94-6208-051-5 | 1. edition | June 2013 | available | Stefan Bendinks, Aglaée Degros | design: Studio Sander Boon | Dutch, English | paperback | 20 x 25 cm | 192 pages | illustrated (150 full color) | with support from: Creative Industries Fund, The Netherlands

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