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Lost Landscapes

Lola Landscape Architects

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‘A powerful plea for human-centred landscape design’ Piet Oudolf

> Winner DAM Architectural Award 2014
> Winners of the Rotterdam-Maaskant Prize for Young Architects 2013 and Topos Landscape Award 2014

Rotterdam landscape architects Lola (LOst LAndscapes), winners of the Rotterdam-Maaskant Prize for Young Architects 2013, design and study landscapes that are forgotten, derelict or about to change. Since its founding in 2006, the agency has worked on conceptual as well as realisable projects in the inner city, on the outskirts and in the country.
Lola’s designers combine a knowledge of large-scale ecosystems with their own ideas about space and an open attitude that enables them to work collaboratively with other specialists, such as the garden designer Piet Oudolf and the urbanists at Maxwan.
Lola, who previously published an atlas of urban outskirts and a dike atlas for the island of IJsselmonde, shape sublime experiences in the city and landscape in their own individual way, evincing an infectious new romanticism. In this book, they argue for a design practice centred on human experience.

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ISBN 978-94-6208-106-2 | 1. edition | November 2013 | available | Eric-Jan Pleijster, Cees van der Veeken, Peter Veenstra | design: Koehorst in t Veld | English | paperback | 17 x 24 cm | 160 pages | illustrated (150 full color) | with support from: Rotterdam-Maaskant Fund

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