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Photography by Women

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A selection of the work of women photographers between 1859 and 1999 from the National Archives collection

> A rare glimpse of the collection of the Dutch National Archives
> Photographs by women photographers that have never been shown before
> New light on the photographic canon
> An essential complement to the exhibition

Women have been professional photographers since the invention of photography in 1839, but until now their work has received far less attention than that of their male colleagues. From the more than 15 million photographs stored in the Dutch National Archives in The Hague, the editors of Pioneers. Photography by Women selected work of 43 women created between 1859 and 1999. All of them can be described as innovators whose work paved the way for future generations of photographers.

Pioneers focuses on both well-known and lesser-known photographers from the Netherlands and abroad. It includes work by Emmy Andriesse, Eva Besnyo, Maya Pejic, Eve Arnold and Margaret Bourke-White. This special selection celebrates the richness and diversity of the Dutch National Archives’ extensive photographic collection.

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ISBN 978-94-6208-848-1 | September 2024 | expected | Saskia Asser, Ellen Dosse, Elwin Hendrikse | design: Els Kerremans | photography: o.a. Emmy Andriesse, Eve Arnold, Margaret Bourke White, Florence Henri, Ata Kando, Marion Kaplan, Germaine Krull, Bertien van Manen, Jutka Rona, Christine Spengler, Gerda Taro, Maria Fialho | English | hardcover | 23 x 28 cm | 304 pages | illustrated (250 full color) | in conjunction with: Nationaal Archief, Spaarnestad Photo


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