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Ruud Kuijer On Sculpture

Reflections by a Maker and Observer

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> Kuijer’s work is in national and international museum collections
> readable and succinct study on the fundaments of the profession by one of the great masters of monumental sculpture
> Exhibition Bildhauerei! Was Sonst?

In this accessible collection of texts on sculpture, Dutch artist Ruud Kuijer (1959) approaches his profession from different perspectives, but always with the same goal: to get to the heart of sculpture. Kuijer is interested in sculptural traditions, but above all has a constant desire to cross boundaries and make new combinations. Kuijer became known for his abstract sculptures, in which he often incorporates recognizable forms.

The pieces are about physicality and abstraction, mass and volume and gravity and the relationship to the floor. Although written straightforwardly and very readable and accessible, the articles also take a look at the fundamentals of the profession. Kuijer wrote these texts to gain insight into the essence of sculpture as well as ‘to understand and interpret what is happening right under my very hands’. This small volume hands on these insights to the public in a clear and readable manner.

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ISBN 978-94-6208-533-6 | October 2019 | available | Ruud Kuijer | design: Studio Maud van Rossum | English | paperback | 14 x 21 cm | 48 pages


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