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  • a2o-architecten - Statie Stuifduin
  • a2o-architecten - Statie Stuifduin
  • a2o-architecten - Statie Stuifduin
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a2o-architecten - Statie Stuifduin

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2019 Mies van der Rohe Award nominee

> Architecture for a new cemeterial culture

> Showcase for building with nature

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In this book, Belgian architecture office a2o presents an investigative and connecting approach to architecture through an evocative reading of their latest project, crematorium Statie Stuifduin in Lommel, Belgium.

This thoughtful yet radical design blends architecture and landscape in a succession of spaces that reveals a deep understanding of both the fundamental aspects of and changing attitudes towards death, burial and the journey of life.

Rather than through explicit religious symbols, the sacral is represented by the universal power of nature and by Romantic notions of finding meaning in rediscovered nature. In doing so, Statie Stuifduin goes beyond the specifics of the building to explore new visions of what contemporary funeral architecture can be.

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ISBN 978-94-6208-495-7 | 1. edition | December 2018 | available | Philippe Breels, Lisa De Visscher, Jan De Zutter, Luc Vanmuysen | design: Studio Luc Derycke | photography: Stijn Bollaert | Dutch, English, French | hardcover | 20,7 x 28,5 cm | 136 pages | illustrated (78 color and b/w)

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