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Wood Works Onix

Architecture in Wood

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Concept and compilation: Haiko Meijer together with Hilde de Haan, Peter de Kan and Alex van de Beld

Wood Works Onix is an adventurous exploration of wood architecture by Onix, the Dutch architectural firm famed for their innovative use of wood. Their preference for this material has a lot to do with its special qualities: it is flexible, warm, natural and environment-friendly. What makes Onix’s work especially fascinating, is how they make full use of the opportunities this particular material offers for experimentation and how they push that to its limits. Always playing with both traditional craftsmanship and the latest techniques in construction, Onix designs a world that is just a little bit more exciting than usual, a world where the inhabitants and users of an environment become just a little bit more involved with that environment and with each other.
Wood Works Onix offers the expertise and experience of studying, developing and realizing timber structures over a period of some 15 years in what the bureau terms ‘thoughtful’ architecture. Detailed drawings, sketches and photographs of the construction process for more than 20 architectural structures showcase the bureau’s never-ending quest for novel applications for wood. The book also illustrates how the Onix architects assay their ideas in experimental installations, for which huts, nests, branches, tree trunks, pallets and crates are the source of inspiration. The Onix architects reveal their love for wood as a material, spanning from their childhood memories of forests to the pleasure they derive from using timber for their buildings today

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ISBN 978-90-5662-679-2 | 1. edition | November 2009 | available | Hilde de Haan | design: Peter de Kan | Dutch, English | hardcover | 17 x 24 cm | 322 pages | illustrated (280 color and b/w) | with support from: Timber Information Centre, Almere

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