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Unique book of recipes for a much-needed spatial diet

> Solutions for our out-of-control urge to build

> Critical view of the architect’s role with regard to underuse in spatial planning

Why do we build more than we need? While open spaces are becoming more and more scarce, we continue to overlook the possibilities of what has already been built. With this publication, RE-ST puts the unnecessary growth of our building stock on the agenda.

Wanderspace is either built-over or undeveloped space that we have produced together, but underuse on a daily basis. It is space that exists everywhere and nowhere at different levels. Nobody knows exactly how much wander space there is. Detecting, mapping and activating occasional space is a task and an opportunity for the architect. Not to 'cram houses’ into it, but to work on the redevelopment of what already exists and only build when there is no other option.

Textual contributions are by Tine Hens, Roel de Ridder and Leo Van Broeck.

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ISBN 978-94-6208-589-3 | 1. edition | September 2020 | available | Tine Hens, Roel De Ridder, Leo Van Broeck, Jee Kast | design: Sarah Schrauwen | Dutch, English | 10 x 21 cm | 384 pages | illustrated (46 full color) | in conjunction with: RE-ST architecten | with support from: Stimuleringsfonds voor creatieve industrie

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