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Exhibitions Spring 2019

This Spring many new exhibitions will open in the Netherlands, we have listed them down here for you. 

Gerco de Ruijter - Grid Corrections

25th May - 1st September, Fotomuseum Den Haag

Gerco de Ruijter began his photographic explorations by attaching his camera to a kite. The landscapes he photographed turned into astonishing abstract images that evoke associations with the paintings of Art Brut and Piet Mondrian. He found that the American landscape, which he explored in the same way, is still dominated by the Jefferson Grid, the system introduced under President Jefferson by which, from the 18th century onwards, the colonised land was divided into identical plots. Due to the curvature of the earth the geometric grid has to be adjusted every few miles. It is these ‘grid corrections’ that De Ruijter depicts, not in traditional photographic formats but as a form of intervention that follows the road network. Grid Corrections tracks the line from east to west, created a single continuous work in which form and image enter into a dialogue.

The book presents a selection of over 150 grid corrections, selected and designed by Gerco de Ruijter and graphic designer Irma Boom. Accompanied by a text by writer Peter Delpeut, this exceptionally designed book is a work of art and monument in one, a testimony to the human urge to design the landscape and the many ways in which nature responds to that urge.

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Geert Lap Specific Objects

1st June - 18th August 

Thanks to his great technical know-how and boundless craftmanship, the Dutch ceramicist Geert Lap (1951-2017) left an oeuvre that is cherished around the world in many museums and private collections. The book, together with the exhibition in Design Museum Den Bosch offers a delightful overview of the fabulous oeuvre of one of the most important post-war ceramic artists in the world. His work is included in many (inter)national museum collections such as those of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and the Dutch museums Boijmans Van Beuningen, Keramiekmuseum Princessehof and Design Museum Den Bosch, as well as in many private collections such as those of Bruno Bischofberger, Benno Premsela and Ellsworth Kelly. 

The book is the result of a unique photo project. Erik and Petra Hesmerg spent years travelling the world to document Geert Lap’s work. They were granted exclusive access to the homes of private collectors and their photographs bear witness to the diverse and sometimes astonishing combinations the collectors created to exhibit Lap’s work in their homes. Geert Lap – Specific Objects also includes highly detailed, full-page photographs that show the prominent position accorded to Lap’s oeuvre in the collections of major Dutch museums.


Last chance! 

All the Rembrandts - 15th February - 10th June, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

As well as holding the world’s largest collection of Rembrandt paintings – including The Night Watch, the portraits of Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit, The Jewish Bride – the Rijksmuseum collection offers the world’s most comprehensive and representative overview of Rembrandt’s painting oeuvre.

Given the extreme rarity that many of these delicate drawings and prints go on display, All the Rembrandts offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to glean an unparalleled perspective on Rembrandt the artist, the human, the storyteller, the innovator. Two books have been published on the occasion of this exhibition: Rembrandt. Biography of a Rebel and Rembrandt X Rijksmuseum


Everyone a Photographer - 15th February - 10th June, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

The invention of cameras that were small and easy to operate meant that, for the first time, amateurs could capture important moments in their own lives. In Everyone a Photographer Boom shows that the effect of amateur photography on visual culture was profound, and that early amateur photography is the missing link in the history of photography. On the occasion of this exhibition the book Everyone a Photographer has been published.