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Together x Pakhuis de Zwijger

With authors Darinka Czischke, Marije Peute and Sara Brysch, we launch our newest publication Together: Towards Collaborative Living on Tuesday October 24th at Pakhuis de Zwijger. During the book launch the authors will explain why collaborative living is experiencing a revival and what best housing practices enable this living form. Together with practitioners in the Dutch housing sector and collaborative housing advocates, the future of collaborative housing will be debated. Who can take a main lead in the co-creation of housing? What projects can already be celebrated? And what can the Netherlands learn from other European examples?

RSVP on the website of Pakhuis de Zwijger.

About the book

Collaborative living is experiencing a revival in The Netherlands. In the midst of an unprecedented housing crisis, more and more people turn to collective self-organisation to provide housing that is community-oriented, environmentally sustainable and affordable. But why is it so difficult for these initiatives to get off the ground? And what can be learned from other European countries?

Together: Towards Collaborative Living presents a collection of essays, data and cases from The Netherlands and other European countries that build on a knowledge programme developed in 2021 by Project Together!. The book addresses the following questions: why is collaborative living relevant, how can we realise such forms of living, and who should take which actions for collaborative living to contribute to more sustainable cities and regions? The book illustrates the dilemmas and opportunities to move towards a new paradigm on how to live in the twenty-first century, together. The publication is available for 29.95 instead of 34.95 until the launch. 

About Project Together!

In the autumn of 2021, the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment organised a knowledge programme on collaborative housing in partnership with the municipalities of Delft and The Hague, Inbo Architects, Platform 31 and the Dutch Ministry of BZK. Over a six-week period different activities were organised around three themes: why collaborative living matters; how collaborative living comes about; and the required action to create a more collaborative city of the future. Doers and thinkers – both Dutch and inter- national – shared their knowledge and experiences during three debates, a panel discussion, an exhibition and three seminars.