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Upcoming Events January 2019

The new year starts off right with some interesting events. We have listed them down here for you.

Dutch Masters Special - Gerard Unger

23 January - Pakhuis de Zwijger Amsterdam

Join us for a tribute night for Gerard Unger in Pakhuis de Zwijger. Gerard Unger is internationally renowned for his letter designs, that can be found everywhere. The Swift, a font he created in 1985, has been the most important lettertype for Dutch newspaper Trouw for years. Gerard Unger's letter can also be found on sign posts next to the roads all across the Netherlands, in the subway in Amsterdam and in telephone books. 

Gerard Unger passed away on 23 November 2018. 23 January 2019, a day after his 77th birthday, we honor his work - a tribute to a special designer, teacher, mentor and person.

Two months before he passed away Gerard presented his book Theory of Type Design,  the first comprehensive theory of typeface design. This volume consists of 24 concise chapters, each clearly describing a different aspect of type design, from the influence of language to today’s digital developments, from how our eyes and brain process letterforms to their power of expression. The book can be bought after this event.

Register here to be there! Seats are limited!

Prix de Rome Architecture - Exhibition

19 October - 10 March 2019 - Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

The Prix de Rome is the oldest and most generous Dutch award for architects below the age of 35. The purpose of the award is to identify talented architects and visual artists and to encourage them to develop and increase their visibility.

Het Nieuwe Instituut presents the work of the four nominees for the Prix de Rome Architecture 2018. This exhibition showcases the importance of design and innovation, key principles of all activities at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Take a look at the innovative work of the nominees and winner Alessandra Covini until 10 March 2019! No time to visit the exhibition? Order Prix de Rome Architecture 2018 here!

More information.

Urban books by Pakhuis de Zwijger

These presentations and discussions are about books on the subject of cities, townspeople, urban areas, urban development and everything else about the city. A book can be so much more than a nice addition to the bookcase. Every edition is linked to a subject within this theme. The programs are supplemented with for example an interview with an author, a discussion with experts on the subject of the books or a reading by a guest speaker.

Porocity, Opening up Solidity - Winy Maas

28 January- Urban Books #58 Porocity with Winy Maas

Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

Architect and urban designer Winy Maas from MVRDV about his new book Porocity, opening up solidity. 

Winy Maas is one of the leading Dutch architects of this era. In addition to his activities as director of MVRDV, he gives guidance to The Why Factory (TWF), a research institute at the TU in Delft. The book 'PoroCity' is the result of a research of this lab.

Our current cities are comprised of enclosed, distant and introverted architecture equally isolated from urban life and ecological context. How might we open these spaces? How might we introduce pockets of space capable of triggering social encounters, multiplying circulation and facilitating the introduction of flora and fauna?

Join the discussion about these questions and more during this event!

Register now to be there! Seats are limited! 

City of Permanent Temporality - ZUS

8 February - Urban Books #59 City of Permanent Temporality with Elma van Boxel and Kristian Koreman from ZUS - Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

City of Permanent Temporality is a journal, project exhibit and a theory for a city that is in continuous transformation, where bricks & mortar and people continue to adapt, without ever being complete. Using conventional strategies and radical form of city making, ZUS had forged new links between architecture, economy, politics and public space.

During this event Kristian Koreman and Elma van Boxel will talk about their book City of Permanent Temporality.

Independent entrepreneur and bottom-up urban developer Eva de Klerk will also be speaking about her experiences at home and abroad with assisting groups by forming a community of their own.

Pre order City of Permanent Temporality with discount code “ZUS” valid until the official book launch on January 31st 2019.

Register now to be there! Seats are limited!


Thé show of the year in the Rijksmuseum: All the Rembrandts opens 15 february. Visit Stedelijk Museum Schiedam one day later for Manzoni in Holland and stop by Kunsthal Rotterdam for some Trouble in Paradise! Have a look at the exhibition agenda

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