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Architectuur in Nederland

> 31ste editie van het internationale visitekaartje voor de Nederlandse bouwkunst
> Een kijkje in

Architectuur in Nederland
Theory of Type Design

> Eerste complete theorie over letterontwerp
> Een must have voor elke ontwerper
> Interview met

Theory of Type Design
Too Big

> Climate change is a simultaneous threat to our planet and to our neighborhoods. President Obama

Too Big
Progress & Prosperity

> Met bijdragen van architecten (XML, OMA), intellectuelen (WAI Think Tank, Ou Ning) en academici

Progress & Prosperity
The Civic City in a Nomadic World (paperback)

Where do I belong when everything is moving?

> Inspirerend voor wie een bijdrage wil leveren aan de

The Civic City in a Nomadic World (paperback)

> Over de rol van architectuurmusea
> Met aandacht voor architectuurmusea als Canadian Centre for

Johan Maelwael (Nederlands)

> Tentoonstelling ‘Johan Maelwael’, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 6 oktober 2017 – 7 januari 2018

Johan Maelwael (Nederlands)
Voorbij de dijken

>De resultaten van de indrukwekkende waterprojecten voor het eerst in beeld gebracht
> Waterbouw,

Voorbij de dijken

Launch Progress & Prosperity

With contributions by architects, academics, artists and activists 'Progress & Prosperity' is a powerful and timely book, edited by Daan Roggeveen. It questions, investigates and reveals the current condition of the (Chinese) megacity and its shift from prosperity to progress. Provocative yet intelligent essays, and reflective interviews tell a new understanding of the 21st century urban condition: globalized and gentrified, using spatial zoning, financialization, culture, and the virtual to safeguard its position on the global stage.


On 12 November, we will launch this new book with an energizing program and four of its contributors in Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai. Topic: the role of the cultural building in urban development in China – and beyond. The panel will question if China is indeed focusing on the so-called ‘soft side’ of its urban development. What is the role of cultural buildings in place-making and city branding? What is the relationship between cultural institutions and their buildings? And what role play real estate developers in this?

Introductions by Daan Roggeveen and Steven Y.N. Chen (Architect, SHL, Shanghai), and panel discussion with Jonathan Woetzel (senior Partner, McKinsey & Company, Shanghai) and Liu Yuyang (founder, Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects).

Launch 'Progress & Prosperity'

Sunday 12 November, 7pm

Rockbund Art Museum / MEM Art Space, ?

No.185 Yuanmingyuan Road, 2F ?Shanghai

About the speakers

Architect Daan Roggeveen is the co-founder of MORE Architecture, Shanghai. With Michiel Hulshof, he wrote the acclaimed book How the City Moved to Mr Sun. Currently, they are researching Chinese influence on African urbanization. A frequent guest lecturer at international universities, his expertise are regularly sought for debates and analyses around urban development in China.

Dr Jonathan Woetzel is a Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company. He leads McKinsey’s Cities Special Initiative and co-chairs the non-profit think tank Urban China Initiative. Woetzel is the Asia-based director of the McKinsey Global Institute where he leads research on productivity, urbanization, infrastructure, inequality and regional economies.

Architect Liu Yuyang leads Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects in Shanghai, which designed various cultural buildings in Shanghai – amongst others the Museum of Contemporary Art. He has held a number of professional and academic positions in the US, Hong Kong and Shanghai and is also a member of the Shanghai Architectural Society Academic Committee, an advisory architect for the Shanghai Qingpu District Land and Planning Bureau, and a mentor of the Young Bird Plan.

Steven Ying Nien Chen is a Taiwanese American architect based in Shanghai. He has worked on projects of diverse scale and typology with OMA, Rice+Lipka Architects and Schmidt Hammer Lassen. Chen has taught studio and lectured on Chinese urbanism at the University of Hong Kong Shanghai Study Centre. He participated in research and design with the ETH Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore.

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