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Collector??s Cabinet

with Miniature Apothecary??s Shop

€ 40,00 bestel

> Unique document of the sole eighteenth-century Dutch miniature apothecary’s shop to have survived into modern times
> Discover the secret of this magnificent collector’s cabinet!
> The complete contents displayed at almost real size

The focus of this large, wonderfully designed book is a striking 18th century Dutch cabinet from the Rijksmuseum’s furniture collection. This cabinet houses a miraculous collection of curiosities including a mini-apothecary’s shop filled with over 300 jars, pots and bottles containing medicines. Concealed behind the rear wall of the cabinet, 55 secret drawers reveal a varied collection of over 2,000 naturalia specimens â€" including seeds, flowers, roots, resins, ores and a great deal more.

The cabinet was probably owned by a wealthy doctor or pharmacist and its contents were intended as a curiosity, for the amusement of a select group of friends, family and other collectors. 21st century readers will doubtlessly be equally impressed by this truly exceptional Dutch collector’s cabinet. In this visually stunning publication, the complete contents of this magnificent cabinet are on display for the first time and close to their true size. Several authors describe the contents of the miniature apothecary’s shop and some of the remarkable remedies it contains, as well as the artful and varied arrangements of naturalia found in the drawers.

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ISBN 978-94-9171-472-6 | juni 2017 | leverbaar | Reinier Baarsen, Annette Bierman, Judith J. van der Brugge-Mulder, Gerhard C. Cadée, Paul van Duin, Roelof van Gelder, Dave van Gompel | design: Irma Boom | Engels | paperback | 29,7 x 42 cm | 184 pag. | geillustreerd (176 kleur) | in samenwerking met: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam | met steun van: Art Conservation Project, Bank of America

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