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Catalogue Fall 2019

Our new catalogue is out! Have a look at all our new and upcoming books on art, architecture and design, planned to be published this fall.

A Culture of Creation – the subtitle of a new monograph on the work of Indian-Amsterdam designer Satyendra Pakhalé – epitomizes what the nai010 programme wants to contribute. It implies the cooperation, open-mindedness, inclusiveness and curiosity that the compiling of a new publications catalogue brings together. The surprising connections and storylines that arise are simply wonderful. In this autumn catalogue they include the dissolving – or evaporation – of the authorship of the individual maker for the benefit of a greater good: under the title Do It Ourselves, design critic Jeroen Junte identifies a new generation of designers who prioritize collaborating and contributing to social issues over the autonomy and individual signature of the maker. Artist Sema Bekirovi? takes things even further in her project Reading by Osmosis when she shares her makership with nature: with the wind, mosses and other natural processes. She presents the metabolism of our planet as a collective, creative force. That metabolism is also at the centre of a new issue of OASE, journal for architecture, which focuses on the metabolism of the city: on the flows of goods and materials and the communal places at which they converge. And from these shared places in the city, we move on to the latest ideas about the ‘right to the city’: of communal access to resources and of an ‘urban commons’, which are central to the book Shared Cities.

In addition to all these relevant and urgent themes, there is also room for beauty: time-tested, as in Rembrandt – Velázquez, the book that accompanies the exhibition of the same name in the Rijksmuseum, or in its purest form and colour, as in the monumental biography of one of the most important ceramists ever: Dutch minimalist Geert Lap.

Discover and connect your own themes on the pages of this catalogue and contribute to a Culture of Creation. With our team, the architects, designers, artists, photographers, authors involved and all other friends of our publishing company, we have been thoroughly enjoying doing just that every day for more than 30 years.

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