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Objective Netherlands

Changing Landscape 1974-2018

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Includes all of the 416 photos from 1974 and 2017 and lots of cartographic material

> With an interactive website with background information and further reading material:

> Contributions by Henk Baas (RCE), Merel Bem (de Volkskrant), Peter Delpeut (NRC), Ludo van Halem (Rijksmuseum) en Berno Strootman (Rijksadviseur Fysieke Leefomgeving)

In 1974, Reinjan Mulder (b. 1949) placed a coarsely-woven grid on top of a map of the Netherlands and set off to photograph the 52 resulting intersections. His aim was to capture the objective reality of the Netherlands, uncoloured by traditions, accessibility and beauty ideals.

The project was exhibited at the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum 42 years later, and was re-photographed by photographer Cleo Wächter (b. 1993), on request of Government Advisor for the Physical Living Environment Berno Strootman. Working with unparalleled precision, Wächter succeeded in contributing her own artistic perspective and completed the re-photography project Objective Netherlands 1974-2017 in 2017.

The two photo series are now combined in this book, a historical document that innovatively maps the many changes the Dutch landscape went through over the past 50 years and simultaneously raises questions about photography as an art form and scientific source. Can photography ever be truly objective? Can something that started out as an art project also lend itself to scientific purposes?

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ISBN 978-94-6208-464-3 | October 2018 | available | Reinjan Mulder, Cleo Waechter, Merel Bem, Henk Baas, Berno Strootman, Peter Delpeut, Ludo van Halem | design: Studio Joost Grootens | photography: Reinjan Mulder, Cleo Waechter | Dutch, English | paperback | 24 x 30 cm | 207 pages | illustrated (508 full color) | with support from: Creative Industries Fund NL, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, NH Bos Foundation, Babel & Voss, and the Charema Fonds, managed by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

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