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Progress & Prosperity

The Chinese City as Global Urban Model

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> With contributions by architects (XML, OMA), intellectuals (WAI Think Tank, Ou Ning) and academics (Princeton, Harvard, ETH Singapore)
> Is the new Chinese city a blueprint for cities worldwide, like the Italian city was once a blueprint for the Northern European city?
> Book launch in Amsterdam (Pakhuis de Zwijger), Beijing (Urban China Initiative by McKinsey, Tsinghua and Columbia University) and New York (Columbia University)
> Photo essay Eric Tabuchi
> Watch here the video to the lecture by Daan Roggeveen
> Read here the article on Dezwijger
> Watch the book review by #donotsettle

The Chinese metropolis has developed into the world’s most successful urban scheme. Combining bottom-up energy with top-down force, it pushes cities and their inhabitants towards progress, fast-forward.

China’s megacities are efficient, with well-functioning infrastructures, top-notch public transport, proper housing, steady economic growth, a low crime rate, an attractive climate for foreign investors, and a glitzy skyline to boot.

Can this metropolis be the blueprint for cities worldwide?

With contributions by architects, academics, artists and activists, this powerful book reveals the current condition of the (Chinese) megacity and its shift from prosperity to progress.

Architect Daan Roggeveen is the co-founder of MORE Architecture. With Michiel Hulshof, he wrote the acclaimed book How the City Moved to Mr Sun.

With contributions by:Esther da Costa Meyer, Ying Zhou, Steven Y.N. Chen, Adrian Blackwell, David Gianotten, Justin D. Stern, Jonathan Woetzel, Max Cohen de Lara & David Mulder van der Vegt, Jeffrey Johnson, Liu Yuyang, Ou Ning, Cruz Garcia & Nathalie Frankowski, Frances Arnold and Eric Tabuchi

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ISBN 978-94-6208-350-9 | 1. edition | June 2017 | available | Daan Roggeveen | design: Job, Joris & Marieke | English | paperback | 17 x 24 cm | 312 pages | illustrated (150 full color) | with support from: Creative Industries Fund NL, Van Eesteren-Fluck & Van Lohuizen Foundation

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