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Claudy Jongstra

Monumentally-scaled and minimally composed, yet intimate and warm in their conception and craft,

Claudy Jongstra
Copy Paste

The last taboo in architecture

> First it was the death of ornament, later came the death of modern

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Matthijs Maris

>Tentoonstelling ‘Matthijs Maris’, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 6 oktober 2017 – 7 januari 2018

Matthijs Maris
Johan Maelwael (NL)

>Tentoonstelling ‘Johan Maelwael’, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 6 oktober 2017 – 7 januari 2018


Johan Maelwael (NL)
Bicycle Landscape

> A Bike Riders Guide to the Dutch Landscape
> Contemporary photographers such as Yorit Kluitman

Bicycle Landscape
Voorbij de dijken

>First portrayal ever of the results of the Netherlands’ impressive water projects

Voorbij de dijken
Waterwerken in Nederland

> Een portret van Nederland in 50 ‘natte kunstwerken’
> Sublieme fotografie in een bijzonder

Waterwerken in Nederland
Peggy Guggenheim en Nelly van Doesburg

>Nu voor het éérst aandacht voor de belangrijke rol van vrouwen binnen De Stijl
>Symposium ‘De

Peggy Guggenheim en Nelly van Doesburg
A State Beyond the State

> The first comprehensive interpretation of Chinese urban transformation through the lens of

A State Beyond the State
Progress & Prosperity

> With contributions by architects (XML, OMA), intellectuals (WAI Think Tank, Ou Ning) and

Progress & Prosperity
Jewellery Matters

>presentation and exhibition at ‘Sieraad Art Fair’ 9 -12 November 2017,

Jewellery Matters

The Noise Landscape

A Spatial Exploration of Airports and Cities

€ 49,95 order

> launch/discussion 22 and 26 September Future Cities Laboratory and ETH, Zürich
> Book launch 8 September Dutch Landscape Triennial keynote lecture Kees Christiaanse
> First broad study of the phenomenon of noise landscapes
> Eight European case studies (Amsterdam, Zurich, London-Heathrow, Frankfurt, Munich, Madrid and the two Paris airports)

The expansive areas around large airports, affected by noise, infrastructure, and transient forms of architecture, have until now not been researched as a phenomenon. But these noise landscapes are emerging worldwide, often surpassing the neighbouring city in size, and sometimes rivalling it in economic importance.

On the basis of eight European case studies (Amsterdam, Zurich, London-Heathrow, Frankfurt, Munich, Madrid and the two Paris airports) this book provides the first account of how these landscapes emerged as the result of technical determinations, what is taking place in them, and how they can be interpreted.

The book is the outcome of several years of research by the chair of Kees Christiaanse at the ETH Zurich.

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ISBN 978-94-6208-355-4 | 1. edition | August 2017 | available | auteurs/authors: Benedikt Boucsein, Kees Christiaanse, Eirini Kasioumi, Christian Salewski met bijdragen van/with contributions by: Mark Michaeli, Peter Ortner, Andreas Schmitt, Joris Jehle | design: Studio Joost Grootens | English | hardcover | 17 x 24 cm | 320 pages | illustrated (270 full color) | in conjunction with: ETH Zurich

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